Call For Papers

The soft copy of paper must be submitted in IEEE format.The maximum length of the regular paper is 6 pages (For each additional page Fee of Rs.300 (5$) is applicable).

The scope of the Conference includes all the areas of Computational Intelligence,Communication Technologies and Communication Systems. Sample areas include, but are certainly limited to the following:

High Performance Co. Topics of Conference:

  • Computing, Art added and Ubiquitous Computing, Sensors, Bio-inspired computing and artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Fuzzy Logic and ANN, Distributed Computing, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, Decision Support Systems, Embedded related topics.
  • Intelligent Control, Process Control & Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Controls in Aerospace, Enabling Technologies for Human Development, Green Computing, Robotics, Internet of Things (IOT) and related topics.
  • Signal Processing Algorithms & Architectures, Energy Efficient Routing & Traffic Engineering, Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems, Antennas and propagation, Optical Fiber/Microwave Communication, Next-generation Networks, Embedded Internet devices, Speech/Image Processing, Radar and related topics.
  • Energy-aware systems and technologies, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Grids, Energy management Systems, Renewable Energy resources and related topics.
  • Bio technology,Genetically engineering microbes for bioremediation,Cloning whole Organisms,Agriculture,Embryonic stem cell research,Genetic testing and biosensor.
  • Mechanical engineering,Vibration Analysis,Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Tech,Aerospace & Electronics Systems.
  • Management,Managing technology & innovation,Resources management & sustainable development,Social entrepreneurship,Corporate responsibility, ethics & accountability,Accounting & finance.
  • Social Science,anthropology, criminology, economics, education, political science, psychology, social work and sociology.
  • History,Political History,Gender History,History of Religion,Intellectual & Cultural History,Colonialism & Post-Colonialism,Military & International History.

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